November 2017 Meeting


Education Hour

Sherri Sebastian / Senior Perfumer at Fragrance West

TOPIC: Creating Natural Experiences Through Fragrance

sherri sebastianThis presentation will explore the relation of the scent of flavors and fragrances in our everyday experience. Take a moment to step away from formulations, ingredients, and paperwork to reconnect with your original inspiration for working in the industry. Embrace new ways to reconnect with the less tangible, yet instinctually understandable nature of aromatic compositions. She will discuss how consumer demands for sustainable, organic and natural products, are leading to new trends forging forward.

Sherri Sebastian has 24 years of experience in the flavor and fragrance industry. As a perfumer in New York City and Los Angeles, she's developed fragrances for the personal care, fine fragrance, air care, natural, and niche markets. She holds a degree in Food Science and began her career as a flavor chemist apprentice at a Brooklyn flavor house before joining the fragrance industry. Her fascination with the subtle interplay of ingredients fuels her passion for fragrance development, while her travels and trend work inform her approach. "The ultimate goal is to convey each brands unique essence with the perfectly crafted scent", Sebastian says.

Dinner Speaker

Joel St. John / Regional Sales Manager at Scott Turbon Mixer, Inc.

TOPIC: Scale Up: How to Formulate from the Beaker to Production

joel st johnAnything can be made in a beaker, but not all things made in a beaker can be manufactured on the production scale. Joel St. John will help the formulating chemist with a little insight to process engineering. Keeping just a few things in mind while working on a smaller scale will not only make life for production easier, but give reproducible products, no matter the batch size.

Who should attend? Technicians, Formulating Chemists, Quality Control and Process Engineers

Scott Turbon Mixer has been an industry leader, manufacturing stainless steel high shear mixers and complete turnkey mixing systems for over 35 years. The company has an extensive background in mixing and process design and can help engineer efficient solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical markets.

Joel St John is a sales manager for Scott Turbon Mixer in Adelanto, CA. Scott Turbon equipment has become the choice for engineers and system integrators for salad dressing and sauce manufacturing, beverage manufacturing, and ultra-sanitary applications, where only the best equipment will be considered. Our systems can reduce costs and improve efficiency. Their high shear mixers and mills are custom made and designed to blend, disperse, de-agglomerate, hydrate, mill, emulsify and homogenize.

Need help in identifying and testing innovative process solutions for your product needs? Email Joel St John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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Warner Center Marriott (Woodland Hills)
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